What Is The Snapery?

The Snapery (pronounced ‘Snape-ary’) is a bakery in progress. Just me an obsession for bread and an idea.

The Snapery will produce 3 or 4  types of bread (with focus on sourdough loaves and baguettes) all made by my hands, using French inspired baking techniques. I have no mixer,  nor a fancy steam injected oven, but I do have excellent friends with some kitchen space, and one hell of a passion for the majestic sourdough.

I am currently developing what I hope will be my signature loaf. The ‘Field loaf’. Which is an ode to my childhood in rural England. I’ll be test baking through April, with a hope to be trading in the summer at markets across London. I will also be implementing a bread subscription: 4 loaves every week for 1 month. More information about the recipe development, products, pricing and where to buy coming soon.


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