Finding MY bread.

I have not trained as a baker. I was a chef for 6 years, I love food more than anything in this world. There’s nothing I know of that gives me such an buzz. For me, food which sparks a memory or takes you back to a magical time or place is the best you’ll eat.

So, I’m trying to find the recipe for ‘my’ bread. And it is a tough task. I have this idea in my head that I want my bread’s taste to take me back to my childhood, during harvest time at my parents house. When the farmers’ bailed up their hay, we used to make elaborate forts out of them and be rival gangs. It was incredible fun. So far my attempts to get the smell of a freshly harvested field of wheat into my loaf haven’t been entirely successful, but I am confident that when I do, my  ‘field loaf’ will be simple, wholesome and will transport people to those wheat fields.

The hunt for the field loaf is underway. Progress updates coming soon!


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