Here we GO!

My name is Richard Peter Snapes. I have a passion for bread which has taken over my social life. I  leave my girlfriend’s house early to bake bread, don’t go out in the glorious sunshine because I have started on some dough. I alienate my house mates because all I talk about is how everything to do with naturally leavened bread fascinates me…Less passion, more obsession.

For these reasons, and many more, i’ve decided I will have my own bakery! Right now I have an oven to use at my friends Spanish bar in Bermondsey, the rest is yet to come. Let the adventure commence!



2 thoughts on “Here we GO!

  1. Good for you. Know exactly what you’re talking about. At one point I had 5 different sourdough.cultures going, when my wife told me they were taking up too much refrigerator real estate: “Pick two. The others have to go – we’re running a kitchen here, not a lab.” Good luck. Follow your dream. Ken

    P.S. GREAT looking bread.

    • Thanks Ken, that means a lot! I will certainly do that as all I think about is baking bread for a living. I’ll keep everyone in the loop on my progress.

      Thanks again.


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