First order.

Good morning.

So the other day, my good bud Pete ordered two Field Loaves! My very first actual order. I got up just before 6 to bake two big boys before I went to work. They turned out beautifully.




WP_000776 WP_000778-2 1157552_10100756708532199_1660624483_n.jpg

I was so happy with the turn out, this is the bread I want to sell to people. After the bake, I jumped on a Borris with two loaves strapped to my back and rode like I’d set my ass on fire. I handed over my mornings produce and Pete seemed very excited, lost his mind and gave me 10 quid! While I’m still testing I thought that was a little too much, but as I’ve said before it’s a lot easier to accept the money rather than get into an English politeness war…Which inevitably ends ¬†in feelings of ungratefulness, embarrassment, shame…Y’know, the usual things English people feel daily. Anyway, we made the exchange and I went about getting to work on time. Oh, yeah, I forgot all my work stuff in a classic Ric way. Way to go.

While at work working away, the lovely Pistol Pete (as he’s commonly known) starts posting gushing things about The Snapery and there’s instant interest in future ordering. I can’t tell you how nice the feeling is for strangers to want to buy what I produce. I really want my own premises and oven. But I know I’m being too eager…Or shall I just go ahead and bloody well do it? What’s that you say? Do it? Well ok then, I will! Is it now time for the oven hunt? I think it may well be.

Stay tuned.

Love RPS xx



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