Loaf refinement.


Good afternoon world!

If you’ve been following my rebirth as a baker, you will know that I’ve been on a hunt for my basic sourdough loaf recipe (see ‘Finding my bread’). Well, the recipe quantities have stayed the same, but as anyone who bakes a lot of bread will know, it’s the flour that’s the important thing. At the weekend I went through the vast selection of flour that I had delivered.


I went for a traditional organic flour from Shipton Mill, with a bit of of organic whole wheat flour also from Shipton Mill. Both are an ancient variety of wheat called Maris Widgeon (used traditionally for thatching roof tops). As soon as I mixed it i knew it was going to be good. I think that when people see me mixing with my hand rather than some kitchen utensil they think ‘whats the point? he’s got sticky dough…

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